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Roof Repair Services

If you are having problems with your roof, we provide services for roof repair in Kelowna and its surrounding areas. Give us a call for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Roof Inspection

At Pitch Masters Kelowna Roof Repairs, we know that a roof repair can be an expensive and time-consuming investment in your home. Before performing any repair work on your roof, our experienced team will come to your property to perform a full inspection to identify any problems such as missing tiles or shingles, water damage, or materials that are cracked or buckling. We will also determine the source of any leaks. Once any of those issues are identified, we will present the best possible solution to restore your roof to good condition.

Roof Repair Quote & Cost Estimation

Once our inspection is complete, we will provide you with an estimate on the time and total cost of the repairs required. Our quote gives you a detailed breakdown of the labor and materials involved so that you can make a decision based on your specific budget and needs. Whenever possible, we will give you a variety of options to choose from, and our team is happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. We are also available to help with any design options as well as decisions on which materials provide the most durability and long life.

Quality Materials & Expertise

We only employ professional, trustworthy, and highly-qualified team members. They have a wide range of experience with over 2,000 roofing projects completed in the residential roofing industry. Our team can handle the most demanding roof projects, including sloped roof projects and working with all types of roofing materials. Along with our experience, we only use the best materials available in the market. Our goal is to ensure that the combination of high-quality materials and our expertise will restore your roof for many years to come.

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Our Workmanship Warranty

Here at Pitch Masters Roofing, we stand behind our work and back it up with a 10 year workmanship warranty. All work is done by Pitch Masters employees who are trained to follow the manufacturers’ guidelines. We never cut corners and use only high quality products so our roofing projects will stand the test of time.

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