End of Summer Home Roof Maintenance: What to Know.

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The average roof replacement cost as of 2022 in Canada costs from around $15,000 to $70,000. The repair price will depend mainly on the material your roof is and the severity of the damage. Repairs can also get pricey, so learning to perform end-of-summer home roof maintenance can save you loads of money on your investment. On the other hand, many homeowners hire a professional to conduct a roof inspection or cleaning. A professional roofing company can save you even more money because a professional is much more likely to find a severe issue you may miss.

End of Summer Home Roof Maintenance

There is always roof maintenance work to do at the end of the summer, including; clearing off debris from storms, cleaning your gutters and downspouts, and checking for any new damage. Below, we will examine why these steps are essential to maintain your mental (or physical) roof maintenance checklist. It’s also time to prepare for your fall roof maintenance.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

One of those most underrated tasks on anyone’s summer roof maintenance list is cleaning gutters and downspouts. It seems as if every homeowner procrastinates this vital chore because it’s brutal, gross, and unforgiving work. Especially in the summer heat! But do you have to do this every summer? Yes, and we’re sorry that you should be cleaning or monitoring your gutters and downspouts once every season. 

Clear Debris

Over the summer, debris from trees such as branches, leaves, and twigs will accumulate on your roof, which can significantly increase the damage to your roof’s ability to deflect heat. All roofing materials are designed to repel heat and insulate your home from heat, so having a bunch of woody debris lying on it can cost you a bundle. While they might seem innocent and natural, sticks and other tree debris can punch holes in your roofing. If those are small, you may not notice them without a roof maintenance checklist or hiring a professional to take a detailed approach. Those instances are the real bad guys.

General Wear and Tear

As with any other material, your roof will succumb to some wear and tear on a long-term, maybe even annual basis. Depending on your location and roof materials, it’s essential to consult a professional.

I Can Fix It – Why Hire Out?

Everyone knows how handy you are (sarcasm?), but you can probably climb right up there and inspect or even patch that roof. Chances are that you’re not going to catch the fine details – the ones that can cost a pretty penny down the road. Think of your roof maintenance checklist the same way you view oil changes in your vehicle – a mild inconvenience that preempts a considerable problem. Protect your investment by spending a small amount on hiring a professional to inspect your place for your routine end-of-summer home roof maintenance.

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