5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Season To Replace Your Roof

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Fall Roof Replacement

Do the shingles on your roof look like they need to be replaced? The good news is that fall is the perfect season to get it checked off your to-do list! Finding a roofer at this time of the year will be no problem as they prefer to work in these lower temperatures. This colder season is ideal for the roofers and benefits you! Here are five reasons why you should get your roof fixed before the winter:

Fall Weather

Roofing is best installed in the cooler seasons. Fall provides suitable conditions for the roofers to work and is also better for the roofing. These cool autumn days ensure the shingles don’t stick together and adhere to the roof. Delays caused by storms or rain are less likely to happen during the fall season. These cool sunny days provide the best conditions for the workers and the shingles.

Easy Installation

These fall temperatures provide the perfect environment for roof shingles. As mentioned above, the weather prevents the shingles from sticking together, allowing them to be thermally sealed and adhere to the roof. The season also prevents the shingles from breaking. Sometimes, the shingles can get sticky and fall apart in the summer heat. This season is the best time to replace your roof, as it provides the best conditions for your shingles.

Fall Roof Replacement

Winter Safety

Canada is definitely known for its harsh winters. Getting your roof redone can save you from unexpected leaks caused by storms and melting snow. It’s best to get your roof redone this season before finding a roofer in the winter – which can be difficult. The weight of snow on an already compromised rooftop could cause severe damage. This can be avoided by simply doing a fall roof repair.

Save on Heating

Having a new or renovated roof can save you a lot of money during the winter season. Although some people like to wait until the spring to replace their shingles, doing it before the winter can help capture heat and save you money. A newly insulated roof encloses more heat, and having it redone in the fall will help offset some of the bills in the winter. Your roof is one of the first places heat escapes, primarily if it is not maintained correctly. Ensure you get yours fixed this season before it costs you more money than necessary.

Prevents Unwanted Pests

Planning ahead and keeping little critters out before they enter is best. During the winter, the roof can look like a warm, inviting place for all sorts of creatures to come crawling inside. Where no humans frequent, chipmunks, mice, and other cold rodents find it an appealing spot to cozy in for the winter. It’s best to repair or replace your roof before the cold season brings in unwanted visitors.   

Take a look at your roof today and ensure there are no spots that require attention. Maintaining your roof can lead to many benefits, and fall is the perfect season. Have your shingles replaced before the cold, or unwanted pests start creeping into your home. Visit our website today and learn more about our roofing services and how we can help you! 

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