The Top 5 Signs You Need a New Roof in Kelowna.

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This year the roofing industry is projected to reach $19.9 billion in the United States. And that sounds like a successful business field, right?

However, a lot of homeowners don’t always realize that their roofs have damage or need replacement. 

And if you know the signs associated with these damages, it can save you time and money overall. 

So if you might need a new roof in Kelowna, keep reading for 5 signs to look out for! 

1. Leaks

Having leaks come from your roof is one of the biggest signs that you need to hire a roofer. And any leaks, whether big or small, need to be assessed as soon as possible. 

Surprisingly, lots of people tend to ignore small leaks, thinking the problem is minor. However, these leaks tend to grow and cause more damage over time. Thus, possibly causing rot or mold issues. 

So be on the lookout for water stains on your ceilings or dripping sounds during storms. 

2. Curling or Missing Shingles

When shingles curl or start to fall off, it may be time for a roof repair. That’s because curling is a great indication of aging. And when the shingles are too old, they’re usually too brittle to do their job. 

And missing shingles can mean sealants, flashings, or nails need to be replaced due to deterioration. 

Therefore, a roof shingle replacement may be the best bet to fix curling or missing tiles. 

3. Sagging Roofline

A sagging roofline is a drastic sign that you need a roof replacement. Because sagging means there is usually rotting occurring on the roof deck. 

So take a look at your roof and make sure there are no curves or dipping in the structure. You want to only see straight lines throughout the area. 

And if you see sagging, contact your roofing experts quickly. If not treated, the rotting can cause your roof to eventually cave in. 

4. Mold

Always check for mold stains on your ceilings and even on top of your roof. Because usually when mold is present, that means there is too much moisture in that location. 

And if not treated or cleaned it can cause health problems if it has reached the interior of your home. Plus, it can cause more damage to your roof. 

5. Discoloration

Your roof should be one consistent color throughout the shingles. So if you have certain areas that have faded or have become discolored, it’s a good sign of more wear and tear. 

So check each discolored area out to investigate the problem. And discoloration could be caused by leaves, mildew, or old age.

New Roof in Kelowna

These signs are sure to help you determine if or when may need roofing services. 

And always check with your roofing experts if you have any questions or concerns. 

So if you’re interested in a new roof in Kelowna, contact us today! We will take care of all of your roofing needs here at Pitch Masters Roofing! 

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