What Are The Best Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options Near Me ?

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environmentally friendly roofing options

With all the new energy-efficient products coming out for our homes, it is no wonder that we want to find environmentally friendly products for our roof. We shall discuss, 6 environmentally friendly products for your roof, which you may want to consider next time you do an update.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Shingles for Your Home

All roofs are not created equal. That is true for shingles as well. With so many options of eco-friendly and energy-efficient shingles, you may be at a loss for which is best for your home. The answer will depend on your needs and what type of roof you are looking for.

1. Cool Roofs

These styles of roofing are becoming popular with many. They are a mixture of gravel and glue. The upfront cost is a little much. If you do not live in Arizona, or a place like Arizona, it may not be worth your while to spend the money on this roof. In high humidity areas, the roof tends to grow mold.

2. Wood Shingles

When looking to replace their roof with eco-friendly material, many homeowners are turning to wood shingles. That is, they are eco-friendly in that they can be remade into wooden objects you can use in or around your home. These types of roofs tend to be costly if you do not live in an area that has a wood mill. Also, they are high-maintenance and tend to need replacing within twenty years.

3. Metal Roofing

This type of roofing is made with either recycled or new metal. The metal roof is becoming a must-have with many. Like with the cool roof, a metal roof has plates that will reflect the sun away from your home. Metal roofing comes in many varieties and is typically long-lasting.

Like all other styles of environmentally friendly roofing material, the metal roof has some negative effects. This style of roofing, while the most popular of roofs, is not necessarily the cheapest option for you to go. Also, during a storm, the metal roof tends to be a bit noisy.

4. Clay Tiles

With this style of roofing, the homeowner can be certain they have chosen an eco-friendly material for the roof. The clay tiles do not trap heat, rather they allow the hot air to circulate. They come in a variety of colors and many materials are used to construct them. The drawback of the clay tile is that they tend to be heavy. Homeowners may need to add additional structural support.

5. Slate Tiles

The slate tile is sturdy. They are beautiful to look at, have a long life span, and are fire-resistant. When installed, there can be a special coating applied to the slate tile roof to make it more energy-efficient.

There are drawbacks to the slate tile, though. These include the fact that like clay tile, slate tile is heavy. They will require the homeowner to invest in further structural support for the home. 

6. Solar Roofing

One of the first types of environmentally friendly roofing options, the solar roof has tapered off on popularity in favor of others on the list. There are 2 ways of installing solar roofing. They can be panels on top of an existing roof, or they can be standalone panels that make up the roof. Initially, this style of roofing can be expensive to install. Over the lifetime of a solar roof, though, the homeowner stands to save thousands of electricity. 

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