Best Ways to Prevent Leaky Roofs In Kelowna

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Leaky Roofs In Kelowna

Leaky roofs are a common issue most homeowners have. Finding the cause of the leaky roof is something most homeowners can’t find and call in professionals to do. The water getting into the home rarely indicates where its source is, and can be hard to figure out where it is, even for professionals. Contractors have to investigate in order to understand where the water is coming from and correctly find its source.

Prior to performing an inspection, a contractor should look at the roof from the ground and ask the owner if anything has caused damage to the roof such as animals and pets, extreme weather, falling debris, trees or anything else that could have caused it.

Check these areas once on the roof to assist in finding future leaks and display how a simple maintenance check can help locate and prevent problems before they occur.

1. Objects sticking out

The most common source of a leak on a roof is protrusions such as skylights, plumbing vents, and chimneys. All these things stop the natural flow of water. Chimneys, in particular, are the top leak source, so inspect those thoroughly.

2. Drip Edge

Drip edges help move the water off the roof and make sure it’s kept off the fascia. It also serves to keep insects and small critters out of your home. It’s a frequent cause of leaks and can let wind-driven rain in your roof, which can rot the wood in your roof.

3. Step Flashings

Step flashings are another area that can let water in. Properly inspect and maintain roof-to-wall transitions, dormers and any area where low-quality mastic or sealants were used as they’re commonly the source of the leak.

4. Attics

While the roof can be the source of the damage, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of the damage being caused from your attic. Problems like improper plumbing, ventilation, condensation, vent fans, air conditioning and infestations can all be a probable cause. When in the attic, look for algae stains on plywood, mold, nails with rust or black rings (this can be an indication of condensing moisture), inadequate ventilation, clogged intake vents and, if it hasn’t rained, soaked insulation.

5. Gutters

It’s often the case that homeowners don’t recognize the importance of a well-maintained gutter. Gutters need to be installed properly and sloped well in order to keep them clean and fastened tightly. The contractor should inform the homeowner than gutter maintenance is something that professionals should take care of.

Contractors should advise the homeowner to keep their roof properly maintained by doing minor repairs alongside routine inspections and maintenance. Pitch Masters Roofing can assist homeowners with this. If any damage is found on your roof, Pitch Masters Roofing can repair it.

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