How To Choose The Right Shingle Color For Your Roof 

Choosing Roofing Material
Choosing The Right Roofing Material For Your Home.
April 6, 2023
How To Choose Shingle Color

Whether you are building a new home or your roof is due for a replacement, it is essential to consider which shingle color would look best on your home. The color of your roof can enhance the overall appearance of your home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. So, how do you choose the right shingle color for your roof? 

Tips For Choosing The Right Shingle Color

If you already love the color of your roof, you can ask your contractor for the same or similar color. However, it is possible to transform the appearance of your home with a new shade. Here are some tips to help you get it right. 

Express Your Style

Your home’s roof typically accounts for 40 percent of the overall exterior. As a result, a wide range of colors is available in today’s asphalt shingle market. Don’t forget to express your style preferences when selecting from these options. Think of it as designing the interior of your home, where you choose the colors that suit you! 

How To Choose Shingle Color

Create A Vision Board

The roof isn’t the only element of the exterior of your home. It’s essential to consider your trim, window shutters, siding, brick, and more. When selecting your new shingle color, place it on a vision board next to the colors of your home’s exterior. This will help you narrow your choices and envision which color will look best. 

Don’t Limit Yourself

It may be tempting to play it safe and select the same shingle color you already have. However, take this roof replacement as an opportunity to refresh your home’s exterior and select the perfect color to match your aesthetic. 

See The Shingle Colors In Real Life

Shingles can appear differently in person, as opposed to photos online. Therefore, it is important to see the color you have selected in real life and compare it to the exterior of your home. You can also drive by other homes in the neighborhood to explore your options and see how the shingles look in the daylight. 

Compare Costs 

Different shingle product lines can have different prices. Changing your shingle designer or color can actually be within your budget. Ask your roofing contractor to provide estimates and other shingle options so you can make an informed decision about the project. 

How To Choose Shingle Color

There Is A Bigger Picture

Once matched to the exterior of your home, shingles can have a chameleon effect. If you select the same color that your neighbor has, it may not appear the same as your home’s color. Therefore, when choosing from your samples, it is important to lean them up against your home’s exterior to visualize the overall effect. 

Choosing the right shingle color for your roof can be overwhelming. However, there are many ways to ensure your choice will transform your home. Using samples, it can be easier to visualize the outcome. Matching the shingles to your style and taste and envisioning the overall picture is essential. 

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