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1How do I tell if I need a new roof?
There are several signs that will show if your roof needs replacement or repairs, even before you have a leaky roof. Look for curling or cracked shingles, granular loss or patches where you can see the black asphalt below. Occasionally, fixing a leaky roof is only a matter of replacing a few shingles. However more often, missing shingles are an indicator the roof may have outlived its longevity because the shingles are no longer secured by the fastener. In this case, it is necessary to replace the entire roof.
2How long will it take to replace my roof?
The time it takes to replace a roof varies depending on size of house, number of crew members, installation method and material chosen. Based on an average size house having asphalt shingles replaced, it usually takes a three-man crew two to three days from tear off to finishing. The time from materials delivery until the garbage bins are picked up can extend this time to about a week, depending on weather.
3Do I need to be home while you are replacing or fixing my roof?
Homeowners do not have to be home at the time of installation unless they choose to be. However, having the homeowner’s contact information is important in case of emergency such as power failure, etc. The homeowner should have peace of mind and confidence in their chosen industry professionals, but should also feel comfortable about asking questions during the process.
4Are there any extra costs I should know about?
The estimate we provide is as accurate as possible, based on the material and application method chosen. Sometimes amendments are needed during the construction stage to ensure a quality roof system is applied. Rotted sheathing found during tear off is an example of something that is not always apparent during an initial estimate. With all amendments, the homeowner will be made aware as soon as possible.
5Should all the accessories on my roof be replaced?
This depends on how long the accessories have been on the roof and if they show any signs of damage. As a rule, we believe roofing accessories should be replaced whenever the roof is because the accessories have about the same life span as the roofing material.
6Why does my estimate say “Deck replace extra if needed”?
This is in reference to your roof deck, which is made of plywood sheets attached to the trusses of your home. Often, when you get a new roof, the installers find rotting wood in some areas and this must be replaced in order to have a strong surface to attach the new roofing material onto. We can’t tell how much, if any, rotting wood there is until the existing roof material is removed, so we indicate this on our estimate. Should you need plywood sheets replaced, work will not commence until this has been brought to the home owners attention and cost discussed upfront.
7Does Pitch Masters carry Liability Insurance and Work Safe?
Yes, Pitch Masters carries proper Liability Insurance and has a good standing account with Work Safe BC.
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